Each move is unique. Pricing will be based on several factors, such as stairs, size of move, walking distance and many other factors. Always Professional in Moving can provide either hourly rates or a free in home estimate to guarantee a flat rate price. For further information call us today.

When you factor all costs, getting help together, gas prices, mileage, and your time involved, hiring a professional mover can be less expensive and less time consuming. We all know that in today’s world time is precious.

  • Hire only licensed movers. Check with Arizona Corporation Commission to insure that the company is licensed to conduct business in Arizona. We are listed as Always Professional in Moving, Inc.
  • Check with the BBB. Reliability is key. We are listed as Always Professional in Moving, Inc.
  • Do not hire a broker. You will be dealing with a middle man. Several issues and problems can arise when using a “middle man”.
  • Customer Service: Are you speaking to a person who is versed in the moving industry or is it the receptionist, or simply a man answering his cell phone? A well versed customer service rep. will know exactly what questions to ask for your professional move.
  • Insurance coverage: Does the company you’re hiring have general liability coverage?
  • Professional Movers: Does the company you’re hiring have trained movers or day laborers?
  • Is the company you are choosing willing to put their quote in writing, whether it is a flat rate or an hourly rate?
  • When scheduling, will they give you a window of time to be to you, or are they vague and telling you some time on move day?

Movers, due to insurances and DOT regulations, are not allowed to move the following:
Combustibles, explosives, hazardous material, matches, kerosene, paint thinners, cleaning solvents, gasoline, propane, charcoal and charcoal lighter fluid, aerosols, liquid bleach, ammunition, paints, pool chemicals, motor oil, pesticides, weed killers, fire extinguishers and pressurized tanks.

Yes, we offer packing service. If you schedule packing service with us, we also can provide boxes, packing material, wardrobe boxes and all other specialty packaging for your items. Packing requires being done a day or two before move and should be scheduled after a free in-home estimate is done. This provides the company a full view of what is needed for your pack and move.

Always Professional In Moving provides 5 free wardrobes on the day of move. These are portable closets. Dressers can stay full with clothes. We just ask that any breakables or personal items be removed from drawers.

Yes, we can disassemble and reassemble beds, mirrors on dressers, large desks and some office furniture. When inquiring your quote, please ask regarding the needs of your disassembly and reassembly.

We will make arrangements to accommodate the extra stop to another home, storage or commercial property. This could require an additional cost. When receiving your quote, make sure that you make the relocation specialist aware of all your moving needs.

The movers will place furniture in rooms requested and in place.  Also, boxes will be place in designated areas.

Tipping is solely at the customers’ discretion.

At Always Professional in Moving, we will do everything we can to accommodate all moves (small and large). No job is too small or too big.

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